Monday, March 4, 2013

Taking a stand

Okay, I'm done running. My son is entitled to a public education in the least restrictive environment possible. (LRE) He is entitled to be with educators who know how to Safely handle his disability while still enriching his learning process. I've heard people say I should take him out...that I should change schools...I PAY for this school whether he goes there or not. I'm paying for the education of every student at that school.

What about the children who are still THERE??!! What about the parents who don't know their rights?? What about the kids that already left? or worse, are stuck in some back classroom because they've been deemed UNTEACHABLE??y'all are MY media. I am taking my son to school. He is not sick. I refuse to face any kind of HINT of wrongdoing. If I keep him home, it will be an unexcused absence. It will be because other people are standing in the way of his right to a SAFE education. He is entitled to that by federal law and anyone who gets in the way of that is breaking it, including me.

No. NO. This has to stop. If I have to sit there all day to ensure that he is not harmed, I will. It's come to light that many if his educators do not have autism training.....forgive me but how does THAT happen?? Like a lout, I assumed that he was being CARED FOR by people who had training in his medical disability. I assumed there was a rule. There is not. Or if there is I have not found it, and it's been broken. This has to change.

Okay, I want to make it very clear that what happened with Emerson on Friday was new. He had only been going to this class with this teacher for 3-4 weeks. His school experience, and the people he worked with were/ ARE his family for the last 3 years. We have an ARD on Friday to address his education and if an official from the school can sign off on suspending his IEP to return to his old schedule than I feel he can safely return until this is resolved. Right now I'm waiting at the school to talk to someone.

I will let you all know what Mrs. S decides.


  1. Love tha artwork. And wishing you the best of luck in tearing down those "walls".

  2. When I worked in schools, we were informed that parents were allowed to watch as much as they wanted.

  3. Why does everything always have to feel like a battle!?! Wishing you the best today!

  4. We wish you the best to your family. We went up against a school, and eventually the district. The principal retired, the Director of special education moved upstate, the superintendent retired. Most of the school community either hated us or were too afraid to speak up on our behalf. We never backed down, and we will never, ever, surrender. Calm, focused, and determined. It will take a long time to change their thinking. Hang in there.

  5. This is horrible! I would take this as far up as you can go. You are fighting for your child and they are covering their asses. If you can't get anywhere with the school or the school board, go to the Press.

  6. As if dealing with autism isn't enough, keep strong Mama! You got this!