Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stupid dishwasher

Archive January 29th 2008: Emerson was10 months old(...and that dishwasher neverworked right and I still don't have one)

Okay my Sunday started out nice enough, My parents came over to install a new dishwasher for us! YAY! Anyone who knows me knows I haven't had a working dishwasher in like, well ever! In-between taking out the old one and bringing in the new one my Mom looked at Emerson and said "What does he have in his mouth?"
She stuck her finger in felt something sharp and screw like in his mouth and tried to get it out with her finger but he thrashed away from her and started choking! He ended up swallowing it but when we tried to get it out he threw- up some and it was BLOOD- TINGED! (Yuck! SCARY!)
We jump in the car to go to the ER, and in our haste forgot the diaper bag (of course).All the while we are driving my mom is talking about how they might need to make an incision to get it out…really comforting Mom. So we speed to Methodist children's hospital thinking that would be the best place to take a baby...All I have to say is I hope we didn't catch the plague! The waiting room was so filthy there were stains on the chairs and walls up to my knee height. I was afraid the baby would catch something if we sat down. Then I happen to glance over and there is a puddle of DRIED throw-up on the floor! DRIED! I wonder how long it had been there because I didn't think that throw-up was one of those 'fast drying' liquids...(This isn't even the worst of it)
So we wait and we wait and we wait…They told me not to feed him until we made sure where the screw was, so I'm holding a very hungry, very tired baby who wants to eat and can smell milk just inches away. We hold him down for an x-ray and then we wait and wait. They couldn't find it so we do two more…nothing. My Mom mentions that she didn't SEE the screw just felt it so maybe it wasn't metal. After that they pretty much don't believe that he swallowed anything and act like we made it all up. Yah I like sitting in a dirty place holding my hungry tired baby while my breasts ache because I need to feed him. So we wait and wait and wait…Then they send us downstairs to radiology where they are going to give him something to drink while they do an x-ray...NOTHING! But as I'm walking out of radiology I stepped on something and as I glance down to see what it is, the radiology tech races to pick it up and throw it away. What was this thing that I stepped on you ask? A USED F***ING NEEDLE! Yes I kid you not! And I was wearing crocs which it could have easily stabbed me in my foot. After that we had to wait almost two hours before they even bothered to talk to us. When the DR finally comes to talk to us she says "Okay we just need to give him something to drink to make sure he doesn't throw up or anything." Well since I had by this time already feed him three times by now I thought this was pretty pointless.
So this is how I spent my lovely Sunday with my first ever trip to the ER