Saturday, July 28, 2007

ON the pot

Meadow has been using her potty chair like a big girl! She has been doing it all by herself, but she figured out how to take the tray out so she keeps wanting to come bring it to me and show me. I have to watch her like a hawk!
Funny thing though...she will only do it if she is COMPLETLY naked! So we have all these pretty panies that she wants nothing to do with...oh well =P

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"No she's not contagious"

I found a baby SCORPION in Meadows bathwater AFTER she got out of the tub!!!
I guess its time to call the exterminator again...because we all remember the 'ant' incident.
If you don't know what I'm talking about here's the story:

Last September Meadow woke up in the morning late. I was enjoying it but it was weird because she never slept in. When she finally woke up, her eyes were swollen. The left eye was almost swollen shut so I took her into the light to check her eye and noticed that her face was COVERED in little red bumps.

Then I noticed there were ants all over her pajamas. I handed her to Merissa and ran to her crib and pulled back the covers. There were probably 50 ants in her bed just swarming!Not just any ants, but FIRE ANTS! It looked like an ant pile! They had attacked her in HER bed! by that time Rissa had gotten all her clothes off and we started counting bites. They were all over her little body but mostly on her eye lids and around her eyes and her mouth, nose and ears. I think we stopped counting somewhere between 150 and 200 bites. I kid you not! I don't need to exaggerate because the truth is bad enough!

The funny thing (like there is anything funny about this) is that she never once cried while she was sleeping. I don't know how she slept through that, but even after when she woke up she acted like nothing was wrong. Latter that day the ants started to INVADE our house. They were in Meadows room and the bathrooms then the kitchen and then they were in the carpet and the finally the couch. This all happened in one day in a matter of hours! We had not seen even one ant before this!

Sooo...needless to say I freak out when bugs are near my child because I get a flash back image of Meadow's swollen face trying to look at me through one eye!

(poor baby looked like she had chicken pox for almost two months before all the bites healed. It started to get annoying trying to explain to people that "No she's not contagious"

Thursday, July 12, 2007


My darling husband wrote this. If anyone ever wonders, THIS is why I love him so much:

Happiness is the feeling you get when you walk into your child's room when they are crying and the look up to you and raise their arms.

Happiness is crawling on your hands and knees pretending to be a dog along side a giggling toddler.

Happiness is countless hours of "peek-a-boo".

Happiness is hearing "Daddy's home!" everyday.

Happiness is a whole-hearted hug that seems too big for such little arms.

Happiness is falling asleep with those little arms wrapped around your neck.

Happiness is watching someone grow.

Happiness is love, love is happiness.

Happy birthday, Meadow!


2 years ago today my gorgeous little girl was born. She is the light of my life and is most of my world. I love her dearly and thank the universe that she picked me to be her mommy. I can't believe what a strong person she already is and can't wait to see the strong women I know she will grow up to be...Happy Birthday Meadow