Sunday, November 27, 2011

a little easier than I anticipated...

Adjusting to life with 3, including an ASD child, is proving to be a little easier than I anticipated...That being said I'm sure all hell will break loose at the first possible chance. O.o I was so worried how Emerson would react to the new baby. Other than withdrawing from me for a couple of days(I think that had more to do with spending the night away from home for a while than the baby) He hasn't paid much attention to Finn. Meadow is 21 months older than Emerson but we waited almost 5 years to have Finn. After Emerson was dx at 26 months they told us that the chances of having another ASD child were 1:10 so we decided to wait until we were ready to have another child on the spectrum just in case. It was a bit of an emotional shock when I saw the resent study saying that the chance of having a subsequent child on the spectrum was 1:5 but 1:4 if it was a boy. I'm sure I will stress over Finn's milestones like CRAZY! I also have to remind myself that all of those "studies" claim autism is caused by something new ever week and 4 out of 5 don't apply to me. :/

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DAMN YOU Cars 2 and your talking cars!

All I can say this evening is DAMN YOU Cars 2 and your talking cars! You've gotten all mixed up with the ones that DON'T talk or have lights and you are making bedtime VERY hard! Of course "Monster Destroyer" will Not go to bed without his cars and since they talk he has to jibber jabber back. Presently he is kicking his wall in protest since I took them away...did I mention all of this is going on while I am trying to quiet down the two six year old girls(sleep over Yay!) and the hubby is gone on night shift. Oh yeah and don't forget trying to simultaneously nurse a 3 week old while all of this is happening...Though I think I deserve a pat on the back! They may not all be asleep but they are all in bed and it's only 9:30pm! Yay me!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

holy CRAP

Emmy got LOST today and SCARED the holy CRAP out of his Aunt Rissa! I'm glad I didn't hear about it until after he was found (In the neighbors garage near their POOL! -I can't think about it!) This would be a good time to share the VERY INSANELY SCARY autistic trait of wandering or elopement. Everyone tends to make me feel like I'm an overprotective paranoid mommy but this is SCARY.