Sunday, November 27, 2011

a little easier than I anticipated...

Adjusting to life with 3, including an ASD child, is proving to be a little easier than I anticipated...That being said I'm sure all hell will break loose at the first possible chance. O.o I was so worried how Emerson would react to the new baby. Other than withdrawing from me for a couple of days(I think that had more to do with spending the night away from home for a while than the baby) He hasn't paid much attention to Finn. Meadow is 21 months older than Emerson but we waited almost 5 years to have Finn. After Emerson was dx at 26 months they told us that the chances of having another ASD child were 1:10 so we decided to wait until we were ready to have another child on the spectrum just in case. It was a bit of an emotional shock when I saw the resent study saying that the chance of having a subsequent child on the spectrum was 1:5 but 1:4 if it was a boy. I'm sure I will stress over Finn's milestones like CRAZY! I also have to remind myself that all of those "studies" claim autism is caused by something new ever week and 4 out of 5 don't apply to me. :/

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