Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DAMN YOU Cars 2 and your talking cars!

All I can say this evening is DAMN YOU Cars 2 and your talking cars! You've gotten all mixed up with the ones that DON'T talk or have lights and you are making bedtime VERY hard! Of course "Monster Destroyer" will Not go to bed without his cars and since they talk he has to jibber jabber back. Presently he is kicking his wall in protest since I took them away...did I mention all of this is going on while I am trying to quiet down the two six year old girls(sleep over Yay!) and the hubby is gone on night shift. Oh yeah and don't forget trying to simultaneously nurse a 3 week old while all of this is happening...Though I think I deserve a pat on the back! They may not all be asleep but they are all in bed and it's only 9:30pm! Yay me!!

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