Thursday, April 12, 2007


This is my birth story, but I wanted to remember this, and I've told it over and over and I don't want to forget, sooo......
As some of you know my daughter was four weeks early, so when my water broke with her I was very surprised, thinking I still had a month to go. So this time around with baby number two I started geting nervous at 34 weeks. Well my docter started checking me at 36 weeks to see if my cervix was dialated. Week after week I was one cm and 0% efaced with no change. My due date of March 30th came and went. Boy was I getting frustrated.
On monday April 2nd my doctor put me in the hospital to be induced. I went in at 4pm and they put in Cervidil, a drug to help ripen the cirvix, that is supose to sit on the cirvix for 12 hours. The next morning they took it out at about 5am and said I had finally dialated to 3cm and was already contracting on my own. The nurse put a glove on my IV and let me take a shower. At about 6:30am they started patosin at the lowest setting to get my contractions more regular. My nurses kept trying to give me pain medication even though I had my it clear I didn't even want to be offered.
My contractions were one on top of the other and I kept trying to find a more comfotable position. I say that like its possible to be comfotable when feeling contractions with no pain killers, but its not. At about 8:52am my doctor came in and checked me, and said that I was at 5cm, and went ahead and broke my water. She figured she had time to go upstairs for somthing and left. HA! boy was she wrong! I started to push, I couldn't help it. Atending me was a new nurse and a student nurse. They paged the doctor to come back and the nurse asked the student nurse what station the baby was at. She replied in a shaky voice "Crowning!".The Nurse told her to page the doctor again 911. She almost begged me to please wait for the doctor, but I couldn't. I was pushing for about four minutes. The docter missed the delivery again! From the time the docter checked me and I was at a five, to the time he was born was eleven minutes.
Emerson Earl Quigley was born on Tuesday April 3rd 2007, at 9:03am. He was 8lbs 7oz and 20in long ( and with no pain meds or tearing I've even impressed my self). Quite a bit bigger than my first who was 6lbs 10oz. He scored a ten on the apgar test and only had a little trama on his head and a bruise on his left cheek. We were able to go home when he was 24 hours old. We have now been home for a week and it has been tough. Emerson is not hard at all, but the lack of sleep and a demanding 21 month old have really done me in.
Meadow is so interested in the baby. She wants to help take care of him and gets mad when I let him cry. She looks at me and says "Mama, baby!", which I think translates into "Mama, don't you hear the baby crying? Pick him up and make him better!" I feel so blessed to have two healthy, beautiful children. They are my world. I also feel so lucky to have had such a quick birth, and suprised in myself that I had the strenght to do it drug free.

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