Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family fun night

Tonight we discovered that Scrabble and an Autistic 4 year old go together like peanut butter and jelly! (well IF he would eat pb & j) It is a bunch of letters AND they have numbers on them too! BEST CREATION EVER! It was ridiculous how excited he got watching me and "Mr. Daddy" play. I may have to use this in a home therapy/ activity...and find a VERY good hiding place for the Scrabble board when Mommy is not there to supervise. :/ Added bonus is that "Curly Q" got to practice her math skills by being score keeper for us! I really like my family's way of keeping my mind off of the fact that I am either 1 or 2 weeks past my due date with monster number three (duedate discrepancy) and have been having contractions for two days with NO results...Child, you are supposed to torment me AFTER you are born!

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