Thursday, August 23, 2012

This CURE needs salt

There is lots of debate about "curing Autism".

I recently read an article about a study involving banked cord blood. They want to give children with Autism infusions of their own cord blood to see if it will "cure" them. We debate about finding a cure but this is the most legitimate attempt I've heard of. (though it does not apply to us since they are only using children with no genetic autism markers) The study was sparked by a boy with cerebral palsy that made shocking improvements almost immediately after his transfusion....something like that makes you really think.

I love my son for the amazing smart boy he is and wouldn't want to change a thing...but what if he was still non-verbal? What if he was so low functioning I didn't see the glimmers of personality that are him?? Would I feel the same if I was having to research group homes? I feel for parents who go through this and being completely honest, sometimes I feel guilty for complaining about his Autism to you guys because I KNOW we have it good.
I get to hear his voice, see his smiles. I see just how incredibly intelligent he is and sparks of how he looks at the world. I get to know him, even if it is not on the level others get to know their children. Poop smearing, meltdowns, speech delays, sensory overload, social skills and elopement aside, my son has SUPER talents and I celebrate them but where is the line?

As a fellow parent I would not judge someone for wanting a cure for Autism as long as it wasn't because you just couldn't accept that your child was different...I have met parents that are so focused on how their child isn't like everyone else that they don't see how amazing their child really is, or how damaging their attitude can be. THOSE people talking about a "cure" set my blood boiling. I guess the line would be how debilitating is the autism?

Let's enter metaphor land: if you are cooking a meal, and autism is salt, a pinch makes it awesome, a little more and it's a little hard to eat but you can manage, add more and you get jerky, but any more and it will kill you. In the realm of "Autism Pride" is severe autism worth an attitude like "Autism is awesome no matter what and the idea of a cure is offensive"? Quality of life should be a factor I think. Any other special need and I don't think there would be debate like this.

I think a lot of the debate is mere semantics. The wording getting everyone's panties in a bunch. We ALL want the best possible life for our children and loved ones on the Autism spectrum. Plain and simple. Does the label of the means matter so much? (For a group obsessed with labels lol) Let's use the cord blood as an example: if it did help with severe symptoms of Autism, would that be curing it or treating it? If a therapy successfully changes a behavior is that curing it? And the cord blood is a naturally occurring substance made by the person receiving it...doesn't that mean healing something that was damaged?

I don't think Autism is the result of a damaged person. I think Autism is salt. Without salt, everything is bland, but too much salt and you've got a real problem. I love salt! ....but that doesn't mean it doesn't give me high blood pressure from time to time. lol

Friday, August 3, 2012

Autism Parent Serenity Prayer

God grant me the Serenity to accept that the world does not understand Autism,
The Courage to take my child out in public anyway,
and the Wisdom to know when it's time to go home. ~
By Tracy Quigley
aka "Mommy Buddy" from the planet Autism